Athletic Building

Designed and manufactured in Roseville, CA

The Hummingbird Athletic Building features steel trusses and prefabricated wall systems for spacious interiors. This strong framework allows versatile interior design, with options like overhead doors for light and fresh air, FRP entry doors for durability, and easy addition of interior walls for offices or storage. Accessibility is prioritized with low thresholds, wide spaces, and easy integration of mobility aids. The exterior offers ample space for logos, mascots, and team graphics, blending seamlessly with the campus architecture.


  • DSA-Reviewed Structural System

  • Customizable Interior Layout & Exterior Openings

  • 5-year Warranty!

  • 4 Top of Wall/Roof Pitch Combinations

    • 2 top of wall options: 10'6" or 12'6"
    • 2 roof pitch options: 1/2:12 or 1:12
  • Designed for Flat and Sloped Sites

  • Seismic Design Category D