Earl LeGette Elementary School

The Earl LeGette Elementary School Project is a comprehensive undertaking involving many improvements and new construction throughout the campus. One notable feature is the integration of Hummingbird Buildings’ pre-manufactured building system. Hummingbird Buildings were utilized to create a site-specific structure comprising two TK classrooms and two kinder classrooms, totaling 8,000 SF. In addition to the new classrooms, the project included campus-wide modernization including a new multipurpose building, spanning 10,400 SF. The building houses a cafeteria and sports facilities, providing versatile spaces for various school activities. 

To enhance the overall functionality and appeal of the school, the existing classrooms and administrative/support spaces underwent modernization and the existing multipurpose building was reconfigured into a library and classroom building to better meet the needs of the school community. The project also required crucial underground utility upgrades to accommodate the growing campus. To complete the project, site and building accessibility improvements were implemented in accordance with the regulations set by the Division of the State Architect.