South Valley Middle School

The South Valley Middle School Project consisted of 16 new buildings on approximately 22 acres, built over 3 phases to ensure the school continued operation throughout this complete campus replacement.

Phase 1 was constructed on mostly existing fields and consisted of demolishing all infrastructure; followed by the construction of 7 new classroom buildings, a large open quad/landscape area, pickleball courts, field areas, and new drop-off/parking facilities. The classrooms were constructed utilizing Hummingbird Buildings' modular system. Additionally, a temporary admin facility was constructed within spare Hummingbird classroom space and then converted back upon completion of the new Administration building. This substantially minimized costs for interim housing.

Phase 2 included the demolition of remaining existing infrastructure; followed by the new construction of an Administration Building, Multi-Use Auditorium, Food Service, Library/Media Center, further landscape and quad areas, and a complete new Gym facility.

Phase 3 was the delayed demolition of the existing Gym, enabling the school to continue using these facilities throughout prior phases of construction. This was followed by construction of sports fields and workout facilities. Through detailed phasing and modular utilization, the school was able to run at full capacity without any compromise to safety, budget, or design.